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​What We Offer

Our list of services will provide landowners with the tools needed to transform their property from a woodlot of trees to a healthy & managed forest!

Forest Management Plans

Our plans qualify for Ohio's CAUV & OFTL tax programs, West Virginia's Managed Timberlands Program, & NRCS EQIP CAP106!

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Forest Carbon Consulting

We offer free consultation & advising through the numerous forest carbon programs available to landowners. You may receive income off your property's carbon dioxide storage!

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Forest Inventory & Appraisal

We can inventory your property's timber, break it down by species composition, diameters, merchantable height, etc. & estimate a fair market value for your timber.

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Timber Sale Administration

Interested in selling timber? We can administer your sale from beginning to end. Our administration includes marking every tree to be cut, advertising the sale, & monitoring to ensure sedimentation & erosion law compliance.

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Forest Improvement Practices

These practices include non-timber harvesting methods to improve the quality of your woods, including: herbicide application, edge feathering, & other non-harvest practices.

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Mapping Solutions

Using today's advanced mapping programs, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we can create comprehensive maps to meet your goals.

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Property Evaluations

Interested in a 3rd-party opinion on a property you may be interested in purchasing? This service includes a personal walk-through of your property, with a 1- to 2-page report detailing timber & wildlife habitat potential based on the walk-through.

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Timber for Sale

Interested in purchasing standing timber? We post all our available timber sale bids to our website. If you'd like to be added to our mailing list, please reach out.

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Forestry, Wildlife, & Conservation

The proper use of forestry as a natural resource tool is paramount to conserving both our shared flora as well as fauna that populate our landscapes.

Forestry and wildlife go hand-in-hand. Actively managing your forest can ensure local wildlife populations have a variety of habitat types, a plethora of food on the forest floor (such as forbs and wildflowers) as well as in the trees (think acorns!), and adequate bedding and escape cover (like thickets and grasses). All these wildlife-oriented goals can be accomplished by ecologically-sound and sustainable forest management!

Join us in improving our landscape for the benefit of not only future generations but the wildlife that live there as well!