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To wisely manage, conserve, and utilize our shared natural resources for the benefit of not only economic returns but also to the perpetual existence of our forests and the life within them using scientifically-based and ecologically-sound forest and habitat management principles.

Who We Are

Anthony has years of experience managing public land for the benefit of both wildlife and the eventual realization of economic returns on timber as well as working for a timber consulting company focused on ecologically-sound timber production.

From the prairies of North Dakota down to the hills of northern Alabama and out to the Ozarks of Arkansas, Anthony has experience in a multitude of forest types and habitat diversities. Taking this first-hand knowledge of “wildlife forestry," Anthony has built his Ohio-based company around managing forests for multiple uses.

Anthony F. Pappas

Owner, Lead Consultant

Why Choose Us

Forest management is not just about timber production, or earning income. Forest management is about making conscientious decisions that will improve the long-term sustainability of our shared natural resources. Managing timber is important, but so is managing pollinator habitat, riparian zones, & other non-timber forest resources.


Certified Forester

Administered by the Society of American Foresters, the Certified Forester program ensures qualified foresters meet rigorous education & experience requirements, while adhering to ethical standards of practice in the profession.

NRCS Technical Service Provider

Administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), technical service providers are qualified entities able to offer conservation services and practices to landowners.

Registered Forester, Arkansas & West Virginia

Anthony is licensed in Arkansas & West Virginia as a Registered Forester. Certain states require such registration for forestry professionals, Ohio & Pennsylvania do not, therefor no license is required to be a forester in those states.

Tree Farm Inspector,


Administered by The Pennsylvania Forestry Association, the Tree Farm Program promotes sustainable forestry by private landowners.


Society of American Foresters

Ohio Forestry Association

West Virginia Forestry Association

National Woodland Owners of America

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