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Forest Carbon Consulting

We offer free consultation & advising through the numerous forest carbon programs available to landowners. You may receive income off your property's carbon dioxide storage!

We are the region's premier forest carbon consultation company!

Landowner Forest Carbon Programs

Several companies offer programs for private landowners. We work directly with those companies to provide landowners with assessments, at no charge from Heritage Habitat.

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40-year contract, with two 20-year crediting periods. Landowner defers from harvesting timber in exchange for payments.

Minimum qualifications include: at least 40 forested acres, all or part of your property can be enrolled.

Source: Ariel Weisgrau, CORE Operations Analyst at Finite Carbon

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Family Forest Carbon Program

10- or 20-year contract, depending on chosen practice. Landowner receives payments to implement practices on their land that promote carbon sequestration.

Minimum qualifications include: 30 acres of forestland & additional eligibility criteria tied to the specific practice chosen.

Source: Sarah Hall-Bagdonas, Manager, Landowner Assistance

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Forest Carbon Works

25-year crediting period & 100-year monitoring period. Carbon credits are verified by the California Air Resources Board.

Minimum qualifications include: 40 acres of forestland, provide property access to FCW, & maintain timber rights through contract term.

Source: Sarah Ford, Regional Forester

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Natural Capital Exchange

1-year contract with opportunity to re-enroll the following year. Landowner defers from harvesting timber in exchange for payments.

Minimum qualifications include: no acreage minimum.

Source: Lillian Hogan, NCX Landowner Success Manager

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Landowner Carbon Program Companies

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