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At Heritage Habitat & Forestry, we provide landowners with a suite of forest and/or wildlife habitat management services based upon your goals and objectives. Increase your timber's worth, improve deer bedding habitat, provide periodic timber income for generations, or simply strive to become a better steward of our shared natural resources. We'd love to discuss the next steps with you, contact us today!


Anthony F. Pappas | Owner, Lead Consultant

Anthony started this company in order to provide landowners with a service that seemed lacking; the ability to sustainably manage both quality commercial timber production as well as providing exceptional wildlife habitat simultaneously.

Anthony is passionate about conserving these shared natural resources in a responsible manner while at the same time receiving benefits off the land, both economically and aesthetically. 

Forestry, Wildlife, & Conservation

The proper use of forestry as a natural resource tool is paramount to conserving both our shared flora as well as fauna that populate our landscapes. Forestry and wildlife go hand-in-hand. Actively managing your forest can ensure local wildlife populations have a variety of habitat types, a plethora of food on the forest floor (such as forbs and wildflowers) as well as in the trees (think acorns!), and adequate bedding and escape cover (like thickets and grasses). All these wildlife-oriented goals can be accomplished by ecologically-sound and sustainable forest management! Join us in improving our landscape for the benefit of not only future generations but the wildlife that live there as well!


An Example of our Suite of Natural Resources Services

Ohio CAUV Management Plan

This service involves conducting and writing an Ohio county CAUV plan for the landowner.


Ohio Forest Tax Law (OFTL) Management Plan

This service involves conducting and writing an Ohio Forest Tax Law (OFTL) management plan for the landowner.


Large Landowner Forest Management

We have the expertise and resources to long-term (5+ years) manage large-acreage (thousand-acre) landholdings common to hunt clubs and outfitter camps. 

Management of your club's forest is critical to maintaining and improving your deer heard health, turkey poult survival, and much more.

Not only can you gain income from interested hunters, but your timber may be economically valuable. We can help manage your timber sustainably and ecologically-friendly to improve both your wildlife habitat and timber quality. 

Timber Sale Administration

This service involves conducting a timber sale on behalf of the landowner following objectives outlined in prior management plans. This includes flagging the timber sale area, marking the timber, and overseeing logging operations. 

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